Fire Safety Reminders to Ensure a Safe Home

The Following is information pulled directly from the City of Ottawa’s webpage. You can view more about fire safety as well as CO safety here:

Want to ensure your home is as safe as possible from a fire? Make sure you follow the checklist below.


  • Working smoke alarm outside all sleeping areas **
  • Working smoke alarm on every floor **
  • Home fire escape plan
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • House number is visible from the street
  • Cooking is not left unattended
  • Smokers use safe ashtrays and don’t smoke in bed
  • Combustibles are kept away from furnace, heaters or stove
  • Extension cords are not used in place of permanent wiring
  • Electrical outlets are not overloaded
  • Candles are never left unattended; and stable, non-combustible candleholders are used
  • Matches and lighters are kept out of the reach of children


How to Check if Your Smoke Detectors are Working Properly

  • Alert family members you will be testing the smoke detector
  • Ask someone to stand in the furthest spot from the detector in order to test how far away it can be heard
  • Press and hold the button on the alarm to see if the alarm is working. If the sound is muffled or weak, it’s time you change the batteries. Batteries should be changed around once every 6 months regardless.
  • Smoke detectors should be changed out for new ones every 10 years to ensure you and your home’s safety

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