Spring Cleaning: Getting Your Home Ready for Sale


Now that the cold and snowy days finally seem to be behind us, let’s talk about Spring Cleaning

Cleaning your home up before listing is so important. Buyers want to see the house looking its best! It will also add value to your property if the interior and exterior are looking fresh and inviting. 


Here are a few important areas not to over look:

  1. Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets: Overtime, grime will build up on your cabinets and buyers will take notice.
  2. Windows: From the inside out.
  3. Appliances: No one wants to purchase dirty appliances! Shine up your stainless steel on the outside and make the inside look like new.
  4. Floors, Carpets, and Baseboards: You may think floors and carpets are obvious but many people forget about the baseboards.
  5. Walls: Wash your walls to get rid of finger prints and scuffs. If necessary, repaint. 
  6. Shelving and Countertops: A good wipe down as well as clearing clutter.
  7. Closets: Buyers will be looking in your closets to see what kind of storage space you have. If they are stuffed to the brim it will look like you don’t have enough space, so clear them up a bit.
  8. Garden: If you are waiting until Spring/Summer to list, then make sure your house has great curb appeal! It will draw people in.
  9. Patio Furniture: Clean up your patio furniture. Your yard is an extension of your living space.

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I am a detail oriented Realtor with a proven track record of getting top dollar for my clients.