The Benefit of Doing an Inspection Before Putting in an Offer in a Seller’s Market

2019 has been a crazy year for real estate in Ottawa! It continues to be a fantastic year for sellers, with many properties receiving multiple offers and going for over asking price because inventory has been so low.

One way of giving yourself a leg up on the competition when offers are being held off (no offers until a specific date), is to do an inspection and have your financing in check BEFORE putting in your offer. A condition free offer is very appealing to a seller, as they are able to firm up the sale right away. However, I would not advise a client to go without an inspection as is comes with many risks.

Yes, there is always a chance that your offer will not be picked regardless and you will be out the cost of the inspection, but in this current market if you really love a property, it’s definitely a chance worth taking.

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