Staging & Styling

Lynn de Gannes, Certified Staging Professional

Lynn offers no charge, fully complimentary home staging and styling services for listing clients that are designed to enhance the emotional feelings that are created when buyers walk in through your front door. For most of us, our homes are the biggest investment of our life. Staging and styling is a proven strategy to maximize the value of a home and sell it in the quickest time possible. We will help you present your property in a way that appeals to the maximum number of potential buyers by incorporating quality furniture and accessories.

Home staging helps direct a buyer’s eye by enchanting the best assets of the home. Lynn style’s the home using expertise normally associated with an interior decorator. With the careful placement of furniture, art and accessories (that we provide), we make the most of your property by maximizing the sense of space and light. We help any home, regardless of age or occupancy status, look and feel like a model home so that buyers will emotionally connect with it. We will greatly increase the odds of a quick sale at the highest possible price.

Having your home professionally staged and styled before it goes on the market makes great economic sense. It puts you way ahead of the other listings in your neighbourhood. According to industry research, a staged and styled home sells faster and for more money.

Lynn de Gannes offers full and partial staging services depending on your situation.

Full Staging and Styling

A full stage is usually completed for an empty property. The client/tenant has moved out and the home is completely or mostly unfurnished. We will provide all the necessary furniture that complements the property and style of the home along with accessories, artwork, linens, plants and flowers to help your property show at its absolute best.

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Partial Staging and Styling

A partial staging is a perfect option if the owner/tenant is still living in the home during the sales process. We will work with and rearrange the existing furniture, removing and adding pieces as needed. We will also rearrange and add decor, plants, accessories and other accents, remembering that the homeowner will be living in the house, while we are showing it.

Project 1 Finished


Project 1 Finished


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Remember you are turning the home into a product designed to appeal to the majority of buyers. Your goal is to eliminate as many objections as possible! If you don’t properly prepare your home to go on the market, you will only help to sell the competition!

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